How to Raise Your Home's Value Without Spending Too Much

With the housing market in a downturn getting the most for your money is a priority, especially if you're moving to a bigger place. Spending a little time and effort on the décor can do wonders for your home and make potential buyers fall in love with it. But you may find that the money spent on decorating and improving your home isn’t realised when you sell. So how can you raise your home’s value without spending too much?


A fresh coat of paint only costs a few pounds and a little time, but prospective buyers will appreciate freshly painted walls. Painting the walls in dark colours could make the room feel small and outlandish colours could put buyers off, so keep the walls a neutral and light colour.


Aside from a fresh coat of paint, each room needs to be clear of clutter. When viewing a house there's nothing worse than walking around clutter. It makes the room seem small and stops the buyer from envisaging the place with their possession in it. It’s also important to tidy the home before an estate agent comes around to complete a valuation. They will be able to take better internal pictures of the house and they may have more enthusiasm for your property if they haven’t climbed over and squeeze past your things.


If you have removed the clutter and painted the walls you should complete a thorough clean of the carpets, floors and surfaces. Mopping and dusting as you would normally do isn’t enough. Focus on rarely-cleaned areas of the house like the skirting boards and the radiators. Clean the window sills and any door handles and surfaces that visitors may touch. You should even clean your driveway and front path. Concentrate on the porch and living room to create a great first impression which may help you raise your home's value.

Appeal to buyers

Freshening up your curtains and blinds is another inexpensive way to raise your home’s value. Sun light fades them over time, so new curtains could improve a room. Another way to renew a room could be to install new light switches. If you do it throughout, it could help to subtly modernise your home and appeal to buyers.

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