Raising the gold bar

If you’re like Silas Marner and are partial to hoarding gold underneath the floorboards, then your time has come – the value of this precious metal has reached an all time high at $1500 per ounce.

Gold is that safe haven, seemingly immune against economic volatility. And in rough economic times, it’s been as sturdy as an oak: investment in gold reached £6.1bn in 2010, which is up from £5.5bn the previous year.

Investment bank Fairfax contends that small investors could be in for a treat, with a price of $1600 per ounce predicted by the end of this year.

'If central banks continue to hold gold or to make even small purchases then prices could lift substantially,' it told the Mail.

If you want in on the gold rush, your best bet is to get your hands on some gold bars. You can get them in weights as small as a gram. Whatever happens to the economy, the general sturdiness of gold means that you won’t miss out much.

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