RBS loans for every occasion

RBS loans are fantastic for getting through tough periods. A little extra cash in the form of a personal loan is greatly appreciated when an unexpected expenses occurs, you're making a large purchase or just want to go away for an unforgettable holiday.

Personal loans are the most common type of loan availed of with RBS. The favourable terms available with personal loans from RBS mean that many people explore this option first when they're looking for financial assistance. Online personal loans of between £7500 and £14950 can be applied for at a representative 9.9 per cent APR.

There are many advantages to online personal loans with RBS. The online application is extremely fast and can be completed within ten minutes. And if you think this is fast away, you'll be surprised to hear that if your application is approved, the money will be in your bank account on the next working day. Online personal loans from RBS can be borrowed over a maximum of ten years.

Another very popular type of loan from RBS is their flexi graduate loan. For someone who has recently qualified from higher education, a boost to the finances is very welcome while you wait for a credible job offer to come.

Amounts of between £1000 and £15000 can be borrowed on a flexi graduate loan at a representative 16.9 per cent APR. There are many attractive features to RBS' flexi graduate loans including the fact that if you want to set off and see the world you can defer repayments for up to 12 months. The only condition is that you have a firm job offer in place for when you return.

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