Information regarding RBS mortgages

For most people buying a home and taking out a mortgage will be the largest amount of money they ever borrow in their lives. Therefore, buying your mortgage from a reputable bank is one of the most important things to consider. As well as a good interest deal and other mortgage perks, having a good mortgage advisor is also essential, especially if you're a first-time-buyer. The Royal Bank of Scotland offers all this and more with its recently revamped RBS mortgages.

RBS mortgages offers customers their own personal mortgage advisor, who will not only help you choose the most suitable mortgage for your needs but they will guide you through the whole process too, from beginning to end. Their superior mortgage advisory service has seen the Royal Bank of Scotland win the Best First-Time-Buyer lender award for two consecutive years running. To make the whole process easier, if you are existing customer with the Royal Bank of Scotland your advisor will not ask you for information they already hold on your file.

The most popular mortgage at the Royal Bank of Scotland is their fixed rate mortgage. This sees you receive a 2.75% APR interest rate fixed for 2-years, raising to 4.0%APR after the term has finished. This means if you borrow £150,000 over a 25-year period, your repayments will be a little over £600 a month with RBS mortgages. This figure is much lower than the average rent on a property and you will buying your own home.

You can speak to an RBS mortgages advisor without obligation by simply dropping in to one of the Royal Bank of Scotland's main branches. There they can advise you on the other mortgages available such as the variable rate mortgage and the tracker mortgage. You can rest assured the RBS mortgages team will pair you up with a mortgage that most suits your needs.

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