RBS share price forecast 2014

RBS has been featuring in a lot of recent bulletins regarding the UK financial markets. Its shareholders are always keen to find out what the future holds for RBS shares. Nothing in the world of stocks and shares can ever be predicted with complete certainty, but that is the likely RBS share price forecast for 2014?

RBS share prices - summary

Investment analysts have been viewing the performance of Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc with considerable interest. The general concensus amongst a poll of fifty of financial professionals revealed the following RBS share price forecast for 2014:-


Investors were advised to hold fire with their shares. This has been the prevailing advice for the past few months.

Share price forecast

Based on a median target of 320.00 (with a 470.00 high estimate and a 210:00 low estimate), the 12-month price targets offered by investment analysts represent a -2.05% decrease from the previously quoted price of 326.70.

Historic cash flow

The projections for 2014 have been highlighted against the context of comparable figures for the previous financial year. 2013 saw Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc's cash reserves falling by 11.7 billion. This was countered by the investment cash flow, which totalled 21.2 billion. This meant that the plc earned more money from the sale of existing assets than the outlay on new assets. As well as these figures, RBS used 30.6 billion for operational functions - and the cash set aside for financing clocked up 2.7 billion.

The net income for 2013 was 8.2 (in millions GBP), a rise from the previous year's 5.3 (and 2011's 1.2 million GBP).

Recent performance

The RBS share price forecast for 2014 can be broken down by focussing on recent figures. The Group plc published losses of -0.452 per share for the final quarter of 2013. This means the shares underperformed the -0.31 loss expectation of five analysts looking into the company's performance.

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