Check out this guide to RBS student accounts, loans and credit cards

Whether you're a new college/university student or a current one, you can take advantage of some really great financial offers from the Royal Bank of Scotland to take some of the strain away from your financial responsibilities allowing you to focus on your studies.

For new students wishing to join RBS for the first time, the process is simple. From August 19th onwards each year, you can apply online, in your local branch or over the phone for their great Student Royalties current account. You'll need to have your unconditional offer handy in order for them to verify that you are in fact a student.

For students who already have an account with RBS, the process is even more straightforward. Once you inform them that you're moving on to third level education, your account will be automatically upgraded to the Student Royalties current account for you.

The condition of opening this account is that you must use it as your main banking account. That means that any wages or grants you receive must be deposited into it regularly. If you want to avail of their interest free student overdraft, you'll need to make one credit payment into the account every three months, and three withdrawals from it every month.

On top of this, you'll be able to set up online banking and paperless digital statements which will be available from your online banking account each month.

In terms of loans, there aren't currently any dedicated RBS student loans available, however, they will allow you to apply for a £1,000-1,250 interest free overdraft in your first year, rising to £1,400 in your second, £1,600 in your third, £1,800 in your fourth and £2,000 in your fifth.

Additionally, you'll be able to apply for their student credit card. With a credit limit of up to £500, you won't be able to run up unmanageable debts, and their variable 18.9% APR is as good as you'll find in a student offer.

Check out www.rbs.co.uk for more information.

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