Who are real personal finance

Real personal finance is a loan company offering unsecured and secured loans ranging from £750 to £6,000. They consider all circumstances and while a good credit history is an advantage, a bad credit report will not necessarily rule you out of getting a loan with them. Their loans are for any purpose, and they are subject to the responsible borrowing act to ensure they do not loan money to people who are already financially overstretched.

Real personal finance have relatively short loan terms, ranging from between 12-months to 36-months. This means you will not be able to take out a loan for a period longer than 3-years without arranging a new loan. They do offer the option of taking your loan out unsecured or secured. This is because some people who are refused an unsecured loan may find they are successful if they take out a secured loan instead. A secured loan is risky, however, as it is secured against collateral, usually your home. If you fail to keep up with the repayments of your loan, you can face having your home repossessed and sold to recoup the outstanding loan amount.

Real personal finance expects your loan to be repaid via direct debit and you also have the option of taking a repayment holiday. This type of holiday is designed to give you some breathing space if your financial circumstances suddenly change and you are left struggling to pay your your bills. This is usually due to sudden unemployment or serious illness. The length of your repayment holiday depends on the reasons for it but usually last no longer than six months. Real personal finance will take your personal circumstances in to consideration though, so if you do struggle to meet your loan repayments it is important you let them know, so they can offer you some assistance.

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