5 ways to ensure you get really really cheap car insurance

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Car insurance prices have gone sky high as the insurance companies rates are getting higher and higher. However, if you want to drive legally in the UK, the law says you must have adequate insurance to cover you. This leaves us with no solution but to pay these high prices. The following five steps can help you get really really cheap car insurance and help to save you hundreds of pounds each year.

  1. Do a Pass Plus course - The Pass Plus is a specially designed course aimed at helping new drivers become more confident drivers. You will complete six modules before you become qualified. Passing this course entitles you to up to 30% off your car insurance
  2. Shop around - Use car insurance comparison websites to get the cheapest possible quote. You can then easily compare the prices and benefits of each policy. Some of the most popular include confused.com and gocompare.com.
  3. Buy online - A lot of companies offer discounts of up to 20% for buying your insurance online rather than over the phone.
  4. Security - Installing an alarm or an immobiliser will reduce your premium for the year. Also, parking your car in a secure garage rather than on the road can help to keep your costs down.
  5. Reduce your annual mileage - Another way of getting really really cheap car insurance is to reduce the amount of miles you drive each year. Most companies quote you for 12,000 miles per year but if you drive less, make sure you let them know!

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