Reasons to take out Boiler Cover

Boiler cover can be provided by your current energy supplier or by an independent supplier; all policies are different but many will offer annual services and coverage of the cost of calling out an engineer if your boiler breaks down.


As the homeowner you'll be solely responsible for boiler cover and central heating insurance. If you don't have boiler cover you'll be responsible for paying for any necessary repairs and calling out an engineer. Often, the cost of repairing a boiler could exceed £200. Most insurance companies will cover this cost for you, or only request an excess.

If you take out boiler cover you'll be covered for 365 days a year in most cases. This means that the insurance company will always send someone out, even if it's a holiday; if you have to call out your own engineer they may not be able to repair your boiler on holidays. This could be a problem if your boiler breaks down during Christmas, leaving you without heating for weeks.

Boiler cover will also provide annual checks and gas safety checking to ensure your system does not pose a threat to you or your family.


If you're a landlord you'll need to take out specialist boiler cover for landlords who rent their home. This type of cover can be more expensive but offers flexible terms and a comprehensive scheme. You'll also get an annual service from a gas safety registered engineer; having a gas safety certificate for your gas appliances is required before you rent out a home, and the boiler cover you receive can take care of this aspect for you.

As with other policies you'll also receive 24 hour support and call outs if your boiler system should fail in your rented home. Generally, the level of coverage for landlord boiler cover also takes care of more expensive costly repairs, such as boiler replacements.


As a tenant you shouldn't have to take out your own boiler cover. Your landlord is responsible for repairing your heating system and should already have their own insurance.

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