Looking for the best regular savings account on the market right now?

If you're one of the lucky people who have some extra money that they'd like to put away somewhere safe, or are making a little extra every month that you'd like to save for a rainy day, then you'll want to get yourself a top quality savings account that will make the most of your money at all times.

This can be quite a tricky choice to make for many people. It seems that there are plenty of you out there who have a strange loyalty towards your current bank, despite the fact that you owe them nothing at all (except maybe for your loans!).

Rather than sticking to your current bank purely because you're already with them, we recommend that you take a look around in order to get yourself the very best interest rates, terms and conditions. A regular savings account is just like any other service, you need to get the one that best suits your requirements rather than simply taking the first one you find.

If you're a HSBC customer, you need to enquire about their regular savings account, which offers an interest rate of 8% per year, however make sure that you're aware of the fact that no withdrawals are allowed within the first 12 months of having the account!

Alternatively, you could take a look at the 4.10% regular savings account on offer with West Bromwich. It's got a minimum monthly of £10, and interest is paid monthly. However, just like HSBC, you can't withdraw money within the first year.

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