How you can go about remortgaging in Ireland

Thinking of unlocking some of the capital locked up in your house? Or are you just thinking of trying to switch to a mortgage with a lower rate? If either of these statements sounds like something you'd be interested in, then you can achieve it by remortgaging in Ireland. Finding a company offering the service can be tricky, but we've tracked down one provider offering fantastic rates and good terms.

If you're thinking of remortgaging, then we suggest you check out the offers currently out there from http://www.mortgages.ie. This company is a mortgage specialist, and they are one of the biggest providers in Ireland for remortgaging properties. However, before they will accept you, you have to fulfil a number of terms.

The maximum mortgage they will offer you can not exceed 80% of the current value of your home. If you are thinking of consolidating short term loans as part of the remortgage, then the value of these loans can't exceed 40,000 Euro. The maximum amount they will provide for a remortgage will usually not exceed four times the gross household income. Normal lending criteria will apply in regards security of employment, well managed current accounts, and a clean credit record.

Mortgages.ie also provide a number of extremely helpful services like a remortgage calculator so you can assess whether it's worth your while to remortgage your property. For all aspects of the remortgage experience, we recommend you check out mortgages.ie for a brilliant deal!

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