Our guide to rental property insurance Ireland

Eager to get a little extra protection for your investment? More and more landlords are taking out comprehensive rental property insurance Ireland as they don't want to be left out of pocket in the event of anything happening to their property. In this blog we're going to talk you through the best provider of this type of cover in Ireland right now.

Unfortunately, your options for this type of cover in Ireland aren't too extensive at the moment, with very few companies actually offering Rental Home Insurance. One company that does offer it though, is Chartis Direct, and you can find their product at chartisdirect.ie/Rental-Home-Insurance_1189_269670.html.

Chartis Direct are specialists in this type of insurance, and have been one of the biggest players on the Irish insurance market for a number of years. Their rental home insurance policies are quite comprehensive, and offer a world of fantastic perks. Here's a selection of what you can expect to receive.

Chartis Direct offer quick online quotations, they promise the lowest cost possible on insurance quotations, comprehensive cover for your property, liability to other people is covered, the option to increase your excess and lower your premium. They also offer Door locks replacement cover of up to 500 Euro, and there's access to their free 24 HR Home Emergency Assist claims service.

You can get a quote online from them within seconds either online, or by calling their call centre, so check them out today if you are looking to protect your property.

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