Requirements for payday loan lenders with "no credit check loans"

For payday loan lenders, "no credit check loans" are worth taking the risk because they often come in exchange for extremely high interest rates - and that means big bucks for the lenders. Of course, the ultimate decision lies in your hands. Is your need for immediate cash so urgent and desperate that the interest charges which come with your loan worth it?

Are There Any Other Requirements?

Even if a payday loan lender will not run a credit check, that does not mean you will automatically pass their application process.

Are You Employed?

Most payday loan lenders prefer that you are not just employed, but that you have been employed by the same company for at least the past 12 months.

Do You Have Your Own Bank Account?

They also prefer that they be granted access to your bank account, specifically the one where your pay is deposited to. They will use that account to wire you your money, and come your loan’s due date the balance will be automatically debited from your account.

Are You of Legal Age and a Legal Resident of the UK?

Payday loan lenders never lend to minors, and it is very rare for them to extend their services to transients or tourists.

Where to Get Your Loan

If you are looking for a list of payday loan lenders no credit check loan providers only, you can find one at everything-financial.co.uk. Most of the providers this site lists offer only a maximum of £1k for zero credit checks. At quickquid.co.uk, however, you may be able to borrow as much as £1.5k.

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