Who Can Obtain Research Grants?

Research grants can be considered a type of academic grant, but one that is specifically offered to provide funding for students who are performing research deemed either beneficial or valuable by the grant-giving body. Although majority of students chosen for this type of grant usually have high academic records, there are also students who are chosen by virtue of the expected outcome of their research alone and regardless of their current academic standing.

Research Councils UK at rcuk.ac.uk

The Research Councils UK is the partnership created by the seven research councils in the UK. Every year, all seven of these councils invest approximately £3B to provide research funding for different fields of academia.

Medical Research Council at mrc.ac.uk

This is one of the research councils specified above and which offers grants to eligible individuals pursuing medical research. To qualify for this type of grant, you have to be based in the UK, possess a graduate degree (preferably a PhD), and be able to demonstrate as well how the proposed research will take place and the significance of its potential outcome.

If you do not have a PhD, it is possible to receive this type of grant, but you are strongly encouraged to collaborate with a senior colleague for your research. You can include an industrial partner in your application, although the specified company will have to undergo its own application process as well.

Research grants offered by this council may also provide salaries for up to 5 years for key participants of the research.

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