Want restricted car insurance? Drivers everywhere are saving big

It's a little known fact that many insurance companies are willing to offer their customers restricted car insurance. Drivers across the country who use their cars very little, or only during daylight hours could be able to save themselves quite a bit of money by enquiring about a policy that reflects their own driving habits.

If you do very few miles per year, but still rely on your car to get you from A to B over short distances, have you ever considered a limited mileage car insurance policy? Although it might sound like something that would only benefit younger drivers, there are big savings to be made for those of us who like the freedom of having a car, but would rarely put in more than a few thousand miles per year while driving it.

Many companies offer packages that start with a set figure, say 5,000 miles per year. When the driver buys this package (you'll be able to select from fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft or just third party with most companies), they'll be fully covered by the terms of the policy for the first 5,000 miles they drive from the date the policy is activated. Any further mileage will need to be covered by taking out an add on package of additional miles, many sell these in groups of 500, 1,000 or 2,500 miles at a time, essentially turning your insurance policy into one that you can control at all times.

If, on the other hand, you do put in a lot of miles, but only drive during the day, you could find yourself eligible for a policy that offers you coverage during daylight hours only. This is often offered as standard to younger, inexperienced drivers, since it is statistically proven that they have most of their accidents at night time.

If you are interested in either of these restricted car insurance policies, give your current insurance company a call and see if they offer something similar.

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