Strike a better deal with restricted insurance for young drivers

If you're a young driver ticked off at the number of astronomical figures you are being quoted for Car Insurance then have you considered checking out restricted insurance for young drivers? Simply agreeing to keep your car off the road at certain times will see your Car Insurance premium shoot right down, and here's why.

Unfortunately, the statistics back up the fact that insurance for young drivers costs so much, and it's due to the amount of accidents young drivers are involved in. With a high percentage of these accidents happening after midnight, a lot of insurers are starting to offer cheaper policies to young drivers willing to put their car to bed at night, keeping it off the road.

One such insurer is iKube Insurance, who you can find online at i-kube.co.uk. Simply click on their "Young Drivers" tab and let's see what they are offering. iKube promise to bring down the premiums of every young driver with their restricted policies that don't let you drive between the hours of 11pm and 5am. They achieve this by installing a GPS system in your car so they can monitor when you have the engine switched on and you are moving.

The good thing about iKube's policies is that they don't charge by the mile. Instead an annual mileage limit is agreed upon when you take out the policy, and the premium is reviewed if you exceed this figure. So all you'll have to do is budget your mileage, not your money!

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