Retraining Grants from the Government

Retraining grants given by the government are intended to fund courses which help you learn a new skill for a new career change, or for going back into work. They normally don't offer grants for higher education courses, unless you apply for student loans, and most grants are only available to people over the age of 25. Here's a quick run down of the type of retraining grants you can receive:


Adult Learning Grant (ALG)

For most courses you can receive the ALG allowance, which is currently £30 a week. If you are caring for a child or are a single parent you could receive extra for childcare costs; this grant does not cover course fees for you.


Over 50s Retraining Grants

If you are over 50 and are looking to get back into work after a period of not working you can receive a grant to help with work-related training costs. This may only be available if your employ specifically requires you to be trained, but you should check with your local Jobcentre Plus for more details.


City & Guilds Qualification

If the retraining you're undertaking is part of the City & Guilds qualification you can apply directly for one of their own bursaries. Contact your course provider for more information about City & Guilds retraining grants.


Free Courses and Paid Fees

If you haven't had a chance to obtain a GCSE in English or Maths you are entitled to free lessons and training for your reading, writing and maths skills, as well as the chance to obtain a GCSE qualification.

For anyone under 25 you could have you fees paid for you if you want to undertake your first level 2 qualification. If you are on any form of benefit you could also receive free course fees for any level 3 qualification, providing it is your first one.

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