Get the best value with Rex Johnson gold prices

Midlands based gold buyers Rex Johnson & Sons have quickly become one of the main players in the UK gold buying sector in recent times thanks to a fast growing reputation for offering customers the very best prices available for their unwanted gold, platinum and silver jewellery. Their explosion in popularity mirrors the huge increase in turnover for the industry, as recession hit Brits seek to cash in on their unwanted or broken jewellery in a bid to keep the wolf from the door.

Regardless of the condition, age or style of your jewellery, the company make it clear that they'll pay top dollar for everything you send them, even going to far as to provide you with a free postage paid envelope to send your goods in should you not be able to get to one of their physical stores.

Their website, located at www.rexjohnsononline.com, has an excellent FAQ section which talks you through the process and offers a wide range of advice about how to go about getting cash for your unwanted metals.

Should you decide to take the online approach, you'll be sent a fully prepaid envelope, complete with insurance to the value of £500, in which to send them your jewellery. This special service guarantees delivery the very next day, meaning that you won't be anxiously waiting around to know whether or not your goods have gotten lost in the post.

And once you've sent them, you are under absolutely no obligation to accept the cash offer made. If you don't think that their offer matches your valuation, you can simply let them know and they'll return your gold the next day free of charge.

Rex Johnson gold prices are determined based on the current value of gold, silver and platinum on the London Stock Exchange, and are updated at least twice daily so you'll always be getting the current price. However it's worth remembering that prices can go down as well as up, so it's worth taking a look at the current stock market trends in order to decide the best time to sell.

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