Mark Richards Car Insurance

Mark Richards car insurance offers one of the most competitive quotes in the insurance sector for car insurance cover. Mark Richard Insurance Brokers was formed in 1963 and offers a wide range of commercial and domestic insurance quotes as an insurance broker.

For great rates on car insurance simply go onto markrichard.co.uk and click on car insurance, which is under the sub-category domestic insurance. This will bring you onto another link called getcover.co.uk, which deals with the insurance broker’s car insurance capacity.

They have being operating for more than 40 years and have access to well over 100 different motor insurance schemes, from a broad base of insurers. The staff are able to offer knowledgeable, as well as friendly and professional advice in all aspects of insurance matters. They offer the use of a loan car if involves in an accident for comprehensive policyholders. They provide the use of a flexible loan facility such as direct debit.

A typical quote from Mark Richards Insurance brokers for a female driver, aged 18 years old and living in Leeds would cost £1,571.60. This is a very competitive quote in today’s market. The company always strives to get the best quote for their clients. While they take a fee for locating the cheapest quote for you, they can save you money by sourcing the cheapest possible deal. And in the event of an accident their staff are on call to help deal with your claim.

So if you are considering insuring your car today Mark Richards Insurance brokers should be at the top of your list. For cheap quotes, friendly and reliable staff there really is no one better.

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