Richest YouTubers in the UK

The internet is a great place to make money because you can attract a little attention from a lot of places. For England language speakers the web’s a mine of readers, listeners and followers so no wonder there are loads of people who have made money from YouTube. You might not recognise the names of the richest YouTubers in the UK which is the beauty of their success.


These guys clown around and make comments to each other about video games. BlueXephos is run by Yogscast founders Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane who also spend their time raising money for charity through the site. Gauging their estimated yearly income from YouTube isn’t easy. The site takes 45% of the revenue but we still recon that the boys take home somewhere between $200,000 and $2 million a year from their efforts.

Nine Brass Monkeys

Benjamin Cook is the man behind Nine Brass Monkeys, a YouTube page that attempts to chronical Britain’s “YouTube Generation”. He currently has 106,000 subscribers who combine for 1.7 million views. No one knows how much money he’s making from the site

Shirley B Eniang

Shirley B Eniang has 190,000 subscribers who make 1.1 million views. The twenty-something maths student is a very popular beauty and style vlogger. More than 500,000 people gave watched her video How to Make a Pleated Chiffon Skirt! which gives you an idea of the sort of stuff she posts.


Christopher Bingham has been uploading to YouTube since 2009. His collection of short videos and comedy sketches has earned him a following of 133,000 subscribers and 8.8 million views.

Moving target

The web’s an ever evolving beast so this is a moving target. The only way to really find out who the top UK YouTubers are is to head to youtube.com.

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