Right royal rip off

According to a new YouGov survey over a third of Brits do not want the royal wedding to be paid for by the taxpayer, with nearly a half of students agreeing.

The survey also found that 29% believe that the wedding itself is inappropriate, due to the current economic climate.

And a survey for personal finance website Walletpop.co.uk revealed that Prince William is the royal most believe could ‘get on’ in the real world. The website’s editor, Tom Flack, said: ‘Despite the huge amount of public empathy and support for William and Kate as we draw ever closer to their big day, it’s extremely hard to ignore the financial element to the celebrations.

'No doubt the nation will come together to wish William and Kate well on their wedding day and for their future, but back in the real world it’s hard to simply forget about the tough financial climate,' he added.

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