Royal Wedding to go down the Tube?

It must be fun to be Bob Crowe, surveying with majesty your London Transport calendar and circling the days to strike to get the nose up commuters.

Or at least that’s how many people see it. In reality, it’s trade union Aslef that’s pulling the strings. The union, which represents most Tube drivers, has said it may call its members out on Friday, April 29.

For those Londoners with short memories, the last walkout was on Boxing Day, one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

It wants three days' pay and a day off in lieu for working bank holidays.

Any stoppage on the Royal wedding day - itself rather conveniently a bank holiday – travel disruption for thousands of well-wishers and could give police a headache with crowd management problems.

Aslef's general secretary Keith Norman is negotiating hard with London Underground, admitting that the potential strike date is still up for discussion by the union's executive.

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