Ryanair’s 40 euro check-in penalty ruled illegal

Ryanair’s policy of charging passengers 40 euros or pounds if they haven’t printed out their boarding pass in advance has been ruled illegal in Spain.

A judge in Barcelona said that the fines were illegal because aviation law obliges airlines to issue boarding passes.

Dan Miro Garcia, a Spanish lawyer who was fined last year for not printing his boarding pass, brought the case to book. Ryanair is expected to appeal against the ruling. If it loses, then the charges will have to be dropped everywhere.

Simon Evans, of the Air Transport Users Council, said: ‘You can’t board a flight without a boarding card, it is not an optional extra.

‘The idea of being hit with a charge of £40 or 40 euros if you don’t have your own is plainly horrible.

‘However, many people understand it is part of the deal you strike when you book a cheap flight.

‘This will be an interesting test case as it goes through the courts.

‘If airlines are told these charges will have to be incorporated in the headline ticket prices that will mean fundamental changes to the way budget airlines operate.’

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