Sadiq Khan net worth in 2021

Being in politics doesn't pay that well, but no one gets into it for the money. The people who want to run the country aren't bothered about money because they're usually backed by family cash that buys their way through the public school system, and family connections that hands them the plumb jobs over more qualified candidates. That's certainly the case with Boris Johnson. Can the same be said for Sadiq Khan?

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Early days

Khan was born in St George's Hospital in Tooting, South London to a working-class Sunni Muslim family. That's not the typical start to the story of a prominent politician. His father was a bus driver, and his mother was a seamstress. The future Mayor of London grew up in a council flat that he shared with his parents and seven other children. Khan grew up knowing the value of money. He worked hard for it, as did his parents. His CV lists jobs as diverse as a newspaper delivery boy, a labourer on a building site and a Saturday job at the Peter Jones department store.

Legal career

Those early jobs kept him a flout while he studied law. He joined a firm of solicitors in 1994 and by 1997 was made a partner who specialised in human rights law. The firm was renamed from Christian Fisher to Christian Khan in 2004, but that was short-lived as his political career was beginning to take off. During this period, he'd have earned somewhere around £22,000 while training as that's the minimum annual salary The Law Society recommend for London-based firms. When newly qualified, he'd have earned around £100,000. Once he became a partner, his salary would have easily exceeded £100,000. According to payscales.com, the current average wage for that position in London is £113,860.

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Politics doesn't pay as well as you'd think. As a member of parliament, he'd have been on around £60,000 a year. We know from his tax records that he earned £647,406 over a ten-year period between 2006 and 2016 leading up to his election as mayor. In 2020, Khan took a 10 per cent wage cut to his £152,734 per year wage, so he's now earning £137,468. To put that into context, that's the same as the average London stockbroker makes as basic salary.

Net worth

You'll see websites that quote $4 million as his net worth, but there's no evidence to back that up. When he published records of his earning from 2006 to 2016 in the lead up to the London Mayoral election race, only £3,000 came from outside his political work. That was a fee paid by the BBC for an appearance on radio, and on Have I Got News for You on BBC 2. There's also nothing online to suggest he has assets like property, so it seems his only source of money comes from his income. In that case, calculating his net worth's impossible. Our best guess is that his net worth's very similar to yours – whatever he's got left in his savings account combined with the value of his property.

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