Saga annual multi-trip insurance offers plenty of benefits

If you’re the kind of person who loves to take several holidays throughout the year, Saga’s annual multi-trip travel insurance is well worth a look.

The over 50s specialist’s policy offers a wide range of benefits including cover for a variety of pre-existing medical conditions, a round-the-clock emergency medical helpline, and discounts for partners.

There is no upper age limit to the policy, and you also have the choice to insure family and friends no matter what age they are – for example, they can be aged below 50.

Saga annual travel insurance covers cancellations, missed or delayed departure, replacement flight, delayed, lost, stolen or damaged luggage, substitute accommodation, pet care, hijack, air rage and mugging, and legal expenses.

And while protection for more than 40 popular leisure activities is provided, golf, scuba diving and winter sports can be added as optional extras.

In the event of needing medical assistance, the policy provides for emergency treatment, transportation to hospital, minor expenses for each day spent in hospital and any costs involved in returning to the UK if you can’t use your return travel ticket.

There is also extensive travel support included, such as advice on how to replace lost or stolen passports, tickets or travel documents, lost luggage tracing guidance, information about local embassies and a service allowing you to call home in an emergency.

Another great point is that you don’t need to book your holiday through Saga to buy their annual travel insurance – and it’s really easy to apply online!

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