Find out all about saga car breakdown cover here!

Saga car breakdown cover is the perfect cover for all drivers over the age of 50 years old. Every day hundreds of people set off on their daily business only to be interrupted by a flat tyre, running out of petrol or just simply breaking down! If you haven't got a valid breakdown policy you could find yourself paying hundreds of pounds in rescue charges and towing charges.

Saga breakdown cover offers a wide range of breakdown cover policies at very competitive prices to drivers over the age of 50. They have cover starting from as little as £38 per year. With Saga car breakdown cover you get so much more for your money:

  • Covers your car no matter who is driving it!
  • As much or as little cover as you need with a range of 5 cover levels
  • Saga are with the majority of their customers within 40 minutes
  • 85% of car breakdowns are fixed at the side of the road
  • Comprehensive European rescue and recovery service available in 43 European countries
  • UK based call centre open 24 hours per day
  • Choose from a large range of optional extras
  • Get free breakdown cover with all Saga insurance policies
  • Upgrade to personal cover so you are covered in any car you drive!

You can also get up to 50% discount if you are to purchase a breakdown cover policy for more than one car at the same address. To get a quote for Saga car breakdown cover simply log onto their website at saga.co.uk.

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