Saga car insurance has everything for the over 50s driver

Are you a mature motorist on the lookout for car insurance? Over 50s specialist Saga is offering a comprehensive policy from just £180 a year!

Saga says its car insurance can start from such a low price because it believes drivers aged 50-plus tend to make fewer claims on their policies.

The comprehensive insurance includes £1,000 for personal possessions – for example, spectacles, mobile phone, laptop and child car seats for the grandchildren – in the event that they are lost through theft, fire, or accidental damage. There is also unlimited audio visual cover, which protects CD radios, sat nav or MP3 players permanently installed in your vehicle.

And if motorists use an approved expert for windscreen or window repairs, they won’t be charged an excess and their no claims discount will be safe. Cover against vandalism is also provided, without touching the no claims discount.

If you take your car on holiday, or live abroad for part of the year, you will also enjoy the unlimited European cover which comes as standard with Saga car insurance. This means you can drive in the EU at no additional charge. Another very useful feature is the emergency ‘any driver’ cover, meaning that in the event of a crisis, anyone with a full driving license is permitted to drive your vehicle, as long as you are in the car with them.

In addition, Saga is offering two years’ new for old cover, so if you have owned your vehicle from new and it is up to 12 months old, you would receive a new car regardless of mileage, while cars aged one to two years would be eligible up to a limit of 12,000 miles on the clock.


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