Advantages of the Saga Platinum credit card

If you're looking for a new credit card, it's worth taking a little time to research what's on the market, as each one has different benefits.

The Saga Platinum credit card has an interest rate of 11.9 per cent APR variable, so if your current credit card has a higher interest rate than this, you could save money immediately by transferring the outstanding balance to the Saga credit card.

Average credit card typical APR rates are around the 16 per cent mark, so this rate is a pretty competitive one. It also offers a fantastic zero per cent on purchases for the first nine months, which is great if you want to use the card for shopping. A three per cent fee applies for this service.

And if you need a card for your holidays this one offers zero per cent foreign currency fees so you will not be charged when you pay for goods and services abroad, from hotels and food to shopping for souvenirs.

You can also enjoy 55 days interest free, as long as your balance is paid off in full. This also applies to interest free cash withdrawals.

Another great bonus with the Saga credit card is that it comes with a very efficient online service. You can use the service to check your transactions, transfer money to another account, view your transaction history, and perhaps even ask for an increase to your credit limit - all without having to leave your armchair or make a phone call.


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