Don't go without Saga insurance when you travel abroad

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You're taking a big risk when you travel abroad without travel insurance. There are just too many things that can wrong. And when you consider the prices for even minor medical treatment abroad, it won't take long to convince you to purchase travel insurance. For the silver generation, Saga provides insurance for foreign travel at terrific prices and a super level of cover.

Saga provides travel insurance to anyone over 50 and is an excellent place to get a quote from if you're in this age group. Most pre-existing health conditions, such as pancreatis and asthma, are covered under Saga travel insurance. Saga provides cover up to £10 million for medical emergencies and repatriation from a foreign country.

And the easy to use online screening process allows complete confidentiality when disclosing sensitive medical details.

Saga's cancellation cover has been enhanced to include £5,000 cover for airspace, airport or port closures due to bad weather and strikes in the UK and abroad that may affect your holiday plans. You can also look forward to £2,500 cover for any baggage that is lost or stolen during your break.

There are a number of discounts you can avail of with Saga travel insurance. If you're travelling as a couple, there are great savings to be made if you both want to travel under the same policy. And even though Saga travel insurance is only offered to over 50s, you can add people under the age of 50 to the policy at a nominal extra cost.

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