What is Saga Pet Insurance?

If you are aged 55-years and over, and the proud owner of a cat or a dog than you can benefit from Saga pet insurance, which is designed to offer a person protection against unexpected and costly vets bills. According to the Saga pet insurance website, the most common cause for an animal to be taken to the vets surgery was for removal of a foreign object. This treatment alone costs nearly £400. If you didn't have Saga pet insurance this would have to be funded from your own pocket.

Saga pet insurance has three levels of cover, Saver, Essential and Super. Their saver option covers up to £2,000 in vets bills every 12-months. Their super option will cover £5,000 of vets bills for life. The average cost of the super pet insurance policy is £183.30 a year for a dog, this works out in to monthly payments of £16.39. If you only want the saver option, it will cost you £96.20 for a year and works out at just £9.66 a month. Considering the insurance will cover any surgery your dog needs as the result of an accident or cover if your dog causes another person to have an accident, the policies are invaluable.

Saga pet insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. They also do not cover routine treatments such as worming or having your animal's nails clipped. Spaying and neutering is not covered either, although any complications following surgery may do depending on the circumstances. You can purchase a Saga pet insurance policy via their website or by calling their dedicated helpline with your debit or credit card details.

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