Have you checked out Sainsbury's Car Insurance?

When you hear the name Sainsburys, you probably only think of supermarkets. Being the third largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, it is understandable! But did you know that they also dabble in car insurance? Well, that is describing it lightly. In fact, they offer excellent car insurance policies with a wide range of benefits to protect you in the unfortunate event of a road accident.

Tell me more, I hear you ask! Sainsbury's insurance for cars provides a number of benefits to you, the driver, and your family. If you choose to take out their comprehensive insurance policy you have access to the following long list of features: access to a 24-hour recovery helpline, £1,000 road rage cover (compensation and counselling if you or your family are victims of road rage), £400 for hotel accommodation if you are travelling and your car is immobilised in an accident, a courtesy car when repairs are being carried out on your car and much more!

How can you organise Sainsburys car insurance? First things first, you must log on to the Sainsbury website and click through to the Insurance section under the Finance page. Then, you need to complete the Online Quote form, in which you have to answer a few questions about you, provide details about your car, enter some information about your driving and insurance record, and select any optional extras you would like in your insurance policy. Once this is done, your quote will be displayed and you can purchase it immediately. By buying your insurance online, you nab a 10% discount. Nice! Instead, if you want think about it before you buy it, you can save your quote for up to 30 days. For more information on car insurance policies you can give Sainsbury's a call on 0800 032 0315.

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