Sainsburys car insurance can save you money!

If you've been shopping for a new Car Insurance quote then you've no doubt already spotted the wide variance of figures you'll be quoted.

Aswell as the cost, you also have to figure in the level of cover that you'll be receiving for your dough. It's at this point we'll chime in and point you in the direction of Sainsburys car insurance. This shopping behemoth is making waves in the insurance industry and it's not hard to see why!

Sainsbury's insurance goes the extra mile to stand out from the crowd, and even offers a 10% online discount to new customers. A magnificent saving before you even examine the nuts and bolts of their policy.

Some of their key points include:

  • 24-hour accident recovery helpline
  • Up to £1,000 road rage cover providing compensation and access to counselling if you or your family are victims of road rage
  • Up to £400 for hotel accommodation for you and your passengers if your car is immobilised in an accident when you're away from home
  • Up to £200 shopping cover in case your Sainsbury's shopping gets damaged in an accident
  • Five-year repair guarantee on work carried out by esure recommended repairers
  • Courtesy car included as standard when work is carried out by esure recommended repairers
  • Up to £500 stolen car key cover, they'll replace your keys and locks if the person who has your keys knows the identity or location of your car
  • NCD protection against vandalism and malicious damage
  • Uninsured-driver protection - keep your no claim discount when claiming after an accident that isn't your fault involving an identified, uninsured driver.

With all of these pluses, it's easy to see why Sainsbury's Car Insurance is a great new product for drivers!

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