Wondering if Sainsburys offers dental insurance? Find out here

A trip to the dentist is usually not at the top of your list of fun things to do. And we are not just talking about the physical pain that comes with the drills, needles and extractions. But we are referring to the damage done to your purse strings once your visit is over. It is expensive. It is bad enough when you plan your dental treatment in advance, but if an accident happens you can be forking out half your life savings.

So, how can you protect yourself from dental costs? Take out dental insurance! This can help you cover some of the costs for dental work performed, depending on the conditions outlined by the insurance policy. This can include cleaning, x-rays, and other treatment.

Now, I am sure you are about to ask where you can get dental insurance. Perhaps a Sainsburys dental insurance has sprung to your mind. We have some not-so-great news. While Sainsbury offers a wide range of insurance policies such as life, care and travel insurance packages, there is no dental cover policy.

Instead, we suggest you take a look at the website of Simply Health. This insurer offers a policy called the Simply Dental Plan, which is designed to help you handle the cost of visits to your dentist and protect you against unexpected dental treatment.

These guys offer four levels of cover with a variety of benefits.  The Simply Dental Plan starts from as little as £7.50 per month, and it includes a 100% money-back policy for check-ups including x-rays and investigations that add up to your annual limit. You also receive insurance cover for emergency dental care, and if your teeth get damaged as a result of an accident. What is more, if you buy dental insurance through Simply Health today, you get 2 months of dental insurance cover absolutely free!

To check out the many more benefits, log onto their website and click on the Simply Dental Plan link. You can also get an immediate quote by filling in the relevant form online.

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