Do Santander cover pet insurance?

It is no wonder people want Santander pet insurance, they offer some of the best rates on life and home insurance. For this reason people are frequently looking for pet insurance from Santander, the problem is, it just doesn't exist!

While it would be a great idea and maybe a future venture for Santander, as of now it is non-existent. So instead of sending you packing with no help whatsoever, we have put together a list of the best the UK has to offer.

1. Pet Plan: Pet Plan offer a 10% discount right off the bat if you get insured with them online. All you have to do to get a quote is fill in a few details about the pet you are insuring. Pet Plan will then get you a quote on the spot within seconds. They are currently the UK's number 1 as far as pet insurance goes so check them out.

2. Sainsburys: We have actually found Sainsburys pet insurance to be even cheap than Pet Plan. It seems that not as many people seem to know about Sainsburys pet insurance. Hit up their website and you can get a 20% discount on the spot. You can also get an instant quote so you can compare with Pet Plan and see if Sainsburys works better for your budget.

3. Exotic Direct: Last but not least we have Exotic Direct. This is for all your exotic animals and birds. Most regular pet insurance plans don't cover exotic animals and these guys are definitely the best of the bunch. Get an instant quote from their website and see for yourself.

There you have it, sadly no Santander pet insurance but a few great suggestions for you to sink your teeth into!


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