A Santander student loan is a great way to finance your studies

Anyone who's been a student will know how tight money can get. A Santander student loan is a great way of reducing the financial pressure when you're trying to complete your studies.

To qualify for a Santander student loan the only requirements you need to meet are that you're over 18, enrolled in a college course and living permanently in the UK.

If you're interested in a Santander student loan the first thing you need to do is set up a Santander student current account; if you haven't already got one. Once you have an active account with Santander you have access to their generous overdraft facility, which acts as an instant student loan.

The maximum overdraft that you can take from Santander starts at £1000 and can be increased to £2000, depending on your year of study. All you need to do to activate the overdraft facility is credit your account with £500. Until you credit the account, the maximum overdraft available to you is £250. Still enough to cover the pizzas and beer.

One of the biggest benefits of Santander student loans is the nominal rate of interest you pay on the loan. Students are charged a mouth-watering 0 per cent EAR and there are no daily arranged overdraft fees for you to worry about.

There are many other benefits to a Santander student current account. Once you've opened an account you're entitled to 3 fantastic insurance options. Mobile phone insurance, gadget insurance and laptop insurance will ensure that if your prized possessions are damaged while you're studying, it doesn't hurt you in the pocket.


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