Save a bundle with Money Supermarket van insurance

If you're scouring the market for Van Insurance, then why not let the experts do the hard work for you? The existence of price comparison websites means you don't have to put in the leg work anymore, it's all done for you online, with one easy click!

When it comes to Insurance Comparison sites, Money SuperMarket is head and shoulders above the competition. They pull from a much bigger pool of insurers then any of their rivals, so you know you'll be in line for a bargain if you deal with them.

When it comes to Van Insurance, Money Supermarket van insurance pulls in quotes from a whopping fifteen different providers, so a bargain is almost guaranteed. Their online search options lets you look around for Comprehensive cover, Third Party, Fire and Theft, and sole Third Party cover.

They break your category of van down into three different types of what you'll be using it for. Carriage of own goods, Haulage, and Social Domestic and Pleasure only. The three different uses carry with them differing premiums.

They offer you the ability to bring your premium down even further by agreeing to pay an inflated excess, which is the money you'll pay towards each and every claim you make. If you're a relatively safe driver, then this is a no brainer!

Money SuperMarket Insurance also comes with a range of optional extras including Motor Legal Expenses, Breakdown Cover, and European Breakdown Cover. Check them out today for a bargain quote!

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