Save a bundle with Tesco car insurance

Are you ready to save money on your Car Insurance premium? You may not think it, but Tesco don't just offer bargain groceries, they've also started providing some of the lowest Car Insurance quotes in the UK! Lets take a look at what Tesco car insurance can offer you!

Tesco finance products are constantly growing in popularity in the UK, with the company offering loans, credit cards and Car Insurance. As you'd expect, their Car Insurance policies are extremely good value, with the company even going so far as to claim they can save three out of every four drivers money on their premiums.

If you have a Tesco Clubcard, then the savings keep on coming, as Tesco estimate that eight out of every ten Clubcard customers can save a massive amount on their premiums. So, what exactly do you get from a Tesco Car Insurance premium? Well, quite a lot actually!

Tesco will provide you with a small courtesy car if your car is being repaired, you'll get optional Breakdown Cover, with four cover levels, 24-hour accident helpline, Free European cover for up to 90 days, a Replacement Car Seat, protect your no claims discount, Discount on servicing and repairs, and the option to go Paperless.

Those are just the perks, under your policy you'll have optional Voluntary excess, Personal Accident cover, Cover for Fire and theft, cover for personal possessions, and cover for DVD players, stereo and Sat Nav equipment.

So check out Tesco today for a value Car Insurance policy!

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