Access money anytime with an Online Bank Account

Online Bank Accounts have become increasingly popular in recent years as they allow users to keep track of their money at all times. With an online bank account you can use your bank’s secure website to access and manage your account anytime you want. So, if you are thinking about switching, then check out our top five secure online bank accounts that are available right now:

Santander Preferred In-Credit Rate Account - This account provides users with 24hr online and telephone banking. They also provide a £100 cashback for customers when they switch. Santander provide a 5% AER in-credit interest rate for up to £2,500 for 12 months.

  • Lloyds TSB Classic Account with VantageT

    This account has 24hr online account access and based on an average balance of £1,000 you could earn around £20 per year with this account. This account also has 2% AER in-credit up to £2,999.

  • Lloyds TSB Classic Plus Current Account

    The account allows 24hr internet access and based on a £1,000 average balance you could earn up to £25 a year. With a 1.5% AER in-credit up to £2,500 is account has great competitive rates.

  • First Direct 1st Account

    First Direct are offering £100 when you switch they also offer a further £100 if you wish to switch to another bank after six months. This account requires an amount of £1,500 to be paid monthly and there is o interest on balances in credit.

  • Nationwide Flex Account

    This internet bank account provides an easy way to manage your funds. Nationwide also offer free multi-trip European cover worth £80. This account also offers an interest-free overdraft for three months when you switch with Nationwide’s Account Transfer process.

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