Save money on travelling

Sharing your commute with someone else can really cut the pain of commuting, and save you some money in the bargain.

That means finding someone else to help you share the school run or with trips to the office, as higher fares and vehicle ownerships costs stretch us to limits of our household budgets.

Carpooling is a way of saving money, where anyone who makes a regular journey can find a passenger to help cut costs. Sometimes sharers take it in turns to use their cars, or one person drives with the others agreeing to share costs. Liftshare has more than 400,000 passengers on their books.

The trains are always expensive, and set to become even more so from next January. However, it always helps to search for the best deal online. Bear in mind too the UK's extensive coach network. You can save a packet by travelling on the National Express or the dirt cheap Megabus coaches rather than plumping for overpriced rail fares.

Finally, if you live within a reasonable distance and you don't mind getting a bit sweaty, why not get on your bike? Once you start biking to work, you can save a significant amount compared with the cost of a bus or train ticket. And that way you'll get fit too!

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