Save money with a 1st Central Car Insurance policy

Are you sick of the same old poor value quotes on your Car Insurance? If you're looking for a fresh perspective on your insurance premium, then why not check out what 1st Central car insurance can do for? This growing company are making quite a name for themselves in the UK insurance market.

While they may not be a massive name yet, 1st Central, who you can find online at website.1stcentralinsurance.com, have been operating successfully since 2008, successfully insuring over 200,000 drivers in that time, so they must be doing something right!

Their car insurance policies offer an outstanding level of cover, as well as variety. 1st Central offer three different types of car insurance (Third Party, Third Party, Fire and Theft, as well as fully comprehensive). They also offer Breakdown Cover, Hire Car insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

Like other insurers, 1st Central make taking out a policy as easy as possible. If you simply enter a few short details online you can get a quote from them in minutes. There is also the option to give them a call at their UK based call centre. The number for the call centre is 0800 840 2100, and it is manned from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday.

So, no matter what type of Insurance you are looking for, be it Car Insurance, Breakdown Cover, or even rental cover, 1st Central will be able to provide it! Check them out today for a cheap quote.

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