Getting The Best Saving Bank Accounts in the UK

With so many banks offering a great variety of financial products, finding the best saving bank accounts available on the market may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many websites where you can check and compare saving bank accounts from different banks.

One of your first stops in your quest for the best saving account for your needs is moneysupermarket.com/savings. Here you will find information about saving accounts offered by all the major banks in the UK. You can choose to compare them by interest rate or minimum deposits. Another alternative is to view the accounts by categories, which include easy access accounts, cash ISAs and fixed rate bonds. The site offers a savings calculator, which you can use in order to find out how much interest you will earn for your money.

Another option is to check out the websites of different banks and have a look at their savings section. Some of the best saving accounts currently available in the UK are listed below. ING Direct savings account (ingdirect.co.uk/savings/) is an easy access account that requires a minimum initial deposit of £1 and offers an interest rate of 3.1 %.MySave Online Plus is available from Nationwide (nationwide.co.uk) and it requires a minimum first deposit of £1,000. The interest rate is 3.05% and you get online access to your funds. Post Office’s Online Saver Issue 4 account is an instant access account with an interest rate of 3.01%. The minimum initial deposit is £1 and you get unlimited free withdrawals and online access to your savings. This account is available at postoffice.co.uk.

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