Saving money on household bills

Saving money on household bills is a big priority for lots of us at the minute. With a little research and a little effort, you can save money on pretty much every bill that comes through your door: internet bills, phone bills, insurance, electricity bills, fuel bills, credit card bills and many others can be significantly reduced. Here's how...

Tips for saving money on household bills

There is more than one way you can be saving money on your household bills. Go through these posts to see where you can save.

Save on internet

If you pay for unlimited internet every month, check how much data you are actually using. often you'll find that you can go down to a smaller package and save money.

Save on hone bills

Phone bills can be quite high but if you have no need for a land line, get rid of it. Many people get by using a mobile and don’t need to pay line rental on something they don’t often use. As with everything, if you don’t use it, don’t pay for it! Line rental is no longer necessary for the internet, with cables and dongles offering reliable alternatives.

Save on electricity bills

Electricity bills can be drastically reduced by putting into practice a few simple things around the house. Buy energy saving lightbulbs, look for energy efficient appliances and switch off anything that you're not using at the plug.

Save on digital TV

If you pay for digital or Sky TV, check out the full range of packages they have on offer. If you're not using all the services or watching all the channels, you could switch packages and save money.

Save on insurance

Home and pet insurance can vary widely, so use a price comparison website to check out what the competition offer. By shopping around and trying a bit of bartering you could easily save yourself money.

Saving money on household bills is easy when you get in the habit of it. Every bill can be reduced by either shopping around, making a few small sacrifices or changing a few bad habits. At first small changes may seem more effort than they are worth, but you'll soon see your efforts add up.

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