We check out savings accounts interest rates in Ireland

Putting a bit of money away for a rainy day is one of the most prudent financial decisions a person can make, especially in these days of economic doom and gloom! If you're seriously considering sticking a bit of cash away, then it's vital you get the absolute best rate on your savings possible.

In this blog we'll be showing you the savings accounts interest rates Ireland so you know which financial institutions are offering the best deals. These rates are accurate as of May 15th 2011.

AIB - If you're thinking of saving with AIB, then you'll earn 3.35% interest with their Premium Demand Account. This account is available to all, and you don't have to have another account with them.

Nationwide UK (Ireland) - This English bank provides savings accounts to Irish customers with 3% interest. The minimum deposit is 2,000 Euro, and the maximum is two million Euro.

An Post - If you're somebdy who may be tempted to take their money out, then An Post provide an account that requires 30 days notice to withdraw the money. The interest you'll earn on this account is 3%.

NIB - The NIB E-Saver account pays out 3% interest on balances from one Euro to a maximum of 50,000 Euro. Withdrawals are allowed but when you make a withdrawal the interest rate drops to 1% for that month.

Bank of Ireland - BoI's 21 day notice account grants you 2% interest with a minimum balance of 5,000 Euro. Rates rise to 2.1% interest at 50,000 Euro.

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