Fantastic savings advice for everyone

Where has all your money gone? You feel like you make a good income, but before you know it all the money has disappeared. If this sounds like you, why not try out this savings advice and see where you can cut back. Try saving on grooming, clothing, autos and healthcare and see if you do not have a bit more cash at the end of the month.

Where can you save money?

Examine your bills carefully and learn to define the difference between needs and things you want. Decide what is a priority and learn to cut back on extras.

Save money on grooming and clothing

Avoid paying department store prices for new clothes and shop at thrift stores. Launder dress shirts yourself to save on dry cleaning bills. It is cheaper to pay a tailor to alter clothes after gaining or losing weight than to buy new ones. Cut your hair or have your spouse or a friend cut if for you and save on beauty salons or barbershop costs.

Automobile savings

Perform all regular service maintenance on your car and save money. This could include rotating tires, changing the oil and replacing belts. Buying used cars saves huge amounts of money compared to the cost of new vehicles. Paying auto insurance yearly instead of monthly or every six months saves on processing fees.

If you are married, consider sharing one car and selling your second vehicle. You will have to plan schedules carefully, but you will not have to make a second car payment, pay insurance and pay for maintenance. Ask neighbours or co-workers about carpooling.

Savings on healthcare

Consider how much you spend on healthcare and if it seems reasonable, increase your health insurance deductible. This savings advice may not work well for families that require many monthly doctor visits.

Dedication and committing to saving

Savings advice can be helpful when trying to save for a new car, buying a home or saving for a holiday. However, you have to stay the course and quit spending on small extras that eat a hole in your wallet. Decide to do without the cup of coffee on the way to work, movie rentals and buying new clothes and save.

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