Savings and Investment Advice

While some savings and investment options, such as shares in a race horse, will generate cash while you hold them, most are considered medium and long-term investments. This means they do not bring in a regular immediate income. In fact, some investments have only one benefit, which is usually in the form of tax breaks or relief.

Established options can be just as risky as trying something different, although with the second the risk may seem higher. Investing in art for instance is a relatively common way for people to make investments. However, unless you are lucky enough to find an undiscovered masterpiece your chances of a high return are relatively small.

If you are considering savings and investment, your aim is obviously to accrue savings. This may be for a large purchase or financial outlay you have in your future or you may be thinking of providing for your retirement. Investing in antiques is rapidly growing in popularity as more people visit auctions looking for a way to invest some cash. Before you visit an auction you will need to remember the auctioneer always charges a commission, usually around 15% of the item's value but some places can be as high as 30%. You will need to factor this in to your projected spending if you want your investment to make you a reasonable profit.

Of course, you could take the old-fashioned route and simply save the money you were planning to invest in a high-interest account. This is a risk-free way to ensure you have a return after a set period of time. For a deposit of £2,000 you can achieve returns close to £15,000 over five years with many of the leading banks. Seeking advice from a savings and investment specialist is always advisable before you make any firm decisions. They can help you access your financial situation, make you aware of potential risks and help you figure out the best way to increase your spare cash.

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