State Bank of India or SBI Home Loan: The Basics

An SBI home loan is the home mortgage that the State Bank of India offers and which you can apply for online.

How to Apply Online

When you visit the bank’s official website (statebankofindia.com), you will be able to find an application form that you can quickly fill up for a chance to obtain a loan for your dream home. Aside from providing the usual personal information, you will also have to indicate your occupation and contact details for your workplace if applicable. You must also indicate whether you have any co-applicants for the loan.

The second part of the application form deals with the property that you wish to purchase. The third part requires you to discuss your income and finances in detail, while the last part requires you to specify details regarding any current loans you may have.

Other Places to Apply for a Home Loan from the State Bank of India

Sometimes, you will need a little help from a professional in order to get the best rate for your loan. One possibility is deal4loans.com, which currently offers various types of home loans from SBI, which include the Easy Home loan, Life Style Loan, Happy Home Loans, Green Home Loan, Home Plus, Housing Finance Scheme and Home Line. At present, they offer an interest rate of 11% for loans up to 3,000,000 rupees.

One other website to obtain an SBI home loan from is onlinesbi.com. If the home loan you are borrowing costs no more than 2 lakh, you may obtain a loan that is equivalent to no more than 40% of its value.

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