How to Apply for Scholarship Grants

There are many kinds of scholarship and grants. A merit-based grant is based on one’s academic, artistic, or athletic standing, as well as participation in extracurricular activities. A need-based grant is based on the financial standing of one’s family. A minority scholarship is a student-specific grant that’s given to someone belonging to a certain race, religion, etc. A scholarship can also be given to someone inclined to a specific field like science, medicine, or education; it’s called a career-specific grant. Scholarships can either be full scholarships or partial scholarships with reduced tuition rate.

By knowing the different types of scholarships, you can assess which type you belong to . Once you already have a college that you’d like to attend, visit their guidance councilor or financial aid office to get more suggestions.

Often, your chance of getting a scholarship is based on your grades from your A-levels. You also need to make sure that your profile is complete and has covered all your achievements and abilities you excel in.

Also compile all documents needed like your transcript of records. Fill out the forms accurately and every essay that you write should be specially made per school that you’re applying for. Also browse for websites that list scholarship-funding offers. The British Council of Learning (www.britishcouncil.org) offers information and links to approved scholarship websites that could be of help to you. It covers college and postgrad opportunities. Their list of available scholarship shows the fee covered, subject and duration. They also offer scholarships for students from the UK that want to study abroad.

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