Scholarships and grants for third level education

Rising costs associated with university and third level education is seen by most students as the number one barrier to pursuing their education. With fees set to rise to £6000 per annum and the average student's debt when leaving college expected to be almost £18,000 it is little wonder why students feel this way.

Help for students who find themselves in financial difficulty does exist. Scholarships and grants for university are just a couple of the numerous payments students can access.

Perhaps the best well known payment to students is the government awarded maintenance grant. It is a means tested payment that over 60% of all students are entitled to. As it is awarded on a sliding scale it can be worth up to £3,000 however only about 30% of students receive this full amount. Information on eligibility and how to apply for this fund can be found on the governments website, direct.gov.uk under the subsection for "education and learning".

Another excellent way for students to try and make up the shortfall in budgets is bursaries. These sundry payments come from many locations and can be large or small. The most widely availed of bursary is from every university where students pay fees but are also in receipt for the government grant. Universities offer payments in the form of a bursary in this instance worth up to £1,000.  Full details on University bursaries are available from the 3rd level institution you are in attendance with.

As well as the government grant and college bursaries there are thousands of charitable funds and institutions around the country that offer part or full scholarships to numerous course. These can be as simple as payments for books or like the Onassis foundation that offers a full scholarship including accommodation costs to students undertaking study in a Greek University or Greek as a subject. For more details on these scholarships you should consult the ever excellent StudentCashpoint.co.uk which has full details on student financial matters.

Remember that these funds can be allocated quite quickly at the start of the college year so to avoid missing out you should get your application in as quickly as possible.

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