Scholarships and grants for university

As you may or may not be aware university education is set to become expensive, much much more expensive that before. A recent ruling by the government will see fees for university courses raised to £6000 per year (and up to £9000 per year for some science courses).

Students who are feeling the pinch do have some respite in the form of several Scholarships and grants for university. From the Governments Maintenance grant to Hardship funds and even full scholarships that will pay for all the associated costs of third level education.

The Government awarded maintenance is a means tested payment worth up to £3,000. As this is awarded on a sliding scale 60% of students and entitled to some form of payment but only 30% of students receive the full amount. More details including eligibility criteria and how to apply for this fund are available on the governments website, direct.gov.uk under the heading education and learning.

Bursaries are another way for students to try and balance the books. These payments come from many locations. One such instance is for students who pay fees and receive a government grant. These students are entitled to a bursary from their university and the payment can be worth between £349 and £1,000. For more details on these bursaries we advise you to check out the excellent studentcashpoint.co.uk, a complete list of payments for students broken down by college is available on their website.

Finally there are several private university scholarships that offer part or full payment towards education costs. One very famous instance of this is The John Lennon memorial fund which offers a full scholarship to students on Merseyside who partake in courses with an environmental focus. Full details of these funds will be available from university faculty but some details are also available on StudentCashpoint.co.uk.

Remember most of these grants are allocated quite early so get your applications in as soon as possible.

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