Where to Apply for School Grants

School grants may be obtained not just from the school that you wish to gain admission to or where you are currently enrolled. Such grants are also offered by both for-profit and non-profit organisations for a variety of reasons.


One of the student grants offered by the organisation is the Mid-Yorkshire Social Work Fund. You can be eligible for this grant if you are studying or living in West or North Yorkshire, you are enrolled in any qualifying or post-qualifying programme accredited by the General Social Care Council and you are currently experiencing financial difficulties caused by your enrolment in your selected course. Grants offered have a maximum amount of £500 per 12-month period.


This is a unique type of student grant in the sense that it only provides funding for school clothing and footwear. For your children to benefit from this grant, you must provide evidence that you are earning less than £16,190 and that you are a recipient of certain financial assistance programmes from the government.

If you are chosen, you will receive vouchers that amount to £25 annually for those with children enrolled in primary school, and £40 for children enrolled in secondary school. These vouchers may be exchanged from any branch of authorised suppliers. It is best to apply for this grant as early as possible, as they tend to be much in demand.

School grants may be obtained by students even if they do not have the best academic records to boast of. Nevertheless, being able to secure A levels in their schooling always helps.

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